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20 Year Warranty

Whats the longest roof paint warranty available ?
If your interested in a long warranty roof paint we are able to offer 20 year manufacturer warranty roof paint.
Long lasting roof paint is perfect if your painting the roof on your forever home.

Longest Warranty Roof Paint Sealer and Membrane

The longest manufacturers product warranty in Australia. 
Utilising a patented 3 coat system, this unprecedented warranty on the Roof Protection Roof Restoration System.

The three coat system includes:

  • 1 x coat of Platinum Protection Sealer and Primer
  • 2 x coats of 20 Year Most Durable Roof Membrane Paint

UV Inhibitors

The long warranty paint utilises inbuilt UV inhibitors and reflectors that act like a sunscreen, protecting the membrane and ensuring it lasts much longer on the roof.


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