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Brisbane Whirlybird

Whirlybirds & Roof Ventilators

In Brisbane Whirlybirds are the most efficient way to reduce the heat in your home.
Wind driven turbine roof ventilators designed to exhaust heat & moisture from the roof space of a home in the most economical way.
Without using any electrical power your whirlybird will keep your Brisbane home cooler in summer.

Whirlybirds Installation Brisbane

We offer whirlybird installation in Brisbane as a professional service.
You can probably DIY your whirlybird install if your handy with tools.
Moreover we usually suggest whirlybirds be fitted by an experienced installer.

Leaking Whirlybird Brisbane

If your living in Brisbane and you have a roof leak chances are it could be a whirlybird.
Often when a whirlybird is fitted DIY they are not correctly sealed or flashed.
If your whirlybird is fitted part way down the roof a dry pan flashing may be required.

Brisbane Whirlybird Applications

In Brisbane whirlybirds can help reduce your cooling costs in the summer months.

  • Removal of heat and moisture in roof space
  • Suitable for metal and tiled roofs and most roof colours
  • Residential homes and commercial or public buildings
  • SupaVent can be used as an alternative in areas where homes are in direct contact with sea spray

How do whirlybirds work

Brisbane Whirlybirds work by extracting hot air up and out through your roof.
Importantly no wind or breeze is required as the rising hot air escapes through the roof vent.

How many Whirlybirds in Brisbane

The manufacturers or recommend that in Brisbane you have 1 or 2 whirlybirds for every 90m2 of roof space area.

Cost of Brisbane Whirlybirds

Whirlybirds really are an inexpensive way to cool your home.
Cheap Brisbane Whirlybirds can really help to coll your home this summer.
Brisbane whirlybirds are a cost effective method to use.
Learn more about whirlybirds here https://fixupmyroof.com.au/whirlybirds/

Cooling Your Brisbane Home

Coupled with roof ventilators you can also employ other methods to help cool your Brisbane Home.
Ceiling batts and wall insulation will help to insulate your Brisbane Home.
Employ Thermal & Acoustic Insulation in conjunction with your Brisbane Whirlybirds.
We provide our clients in Brisbane Whirlybirds & Roof Ventilation they can rely on.
We also service Ipswich, Logan, Redlands, Gold Coast & surrounding areas.

Reflective Paint

Did you know you can use reflective paint in conjunction with your Brisbane whirlybird.
Find out more about reflective heat coatings here https://fixupmyroof.com.au/reflective-heat-coatings/