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Leaking Tile Clips

Faulty Roof Tile Clips Whats That ?

Concrete Roof Tiles have a watercourse that laps underneath the tile next to it.
The tile watercourse is designed to direct water out from under the tile and onto the roof tile below it.
Damaged watercourses or defective roof tile clips can cause your roof to leak.

  • Damaged Water Courses leak out the side
  • Evidence of water pooling under the tile lap and back spilling into the roof space
  • Water Dripping Down onto the Ceiling

How to Solve the Leaking Roof Tile Clip Problem

The most cost effective or cheapest way to fix faulty roof tile clips is to re-clip the roof.
This is our suggested method:

  • Remove the roof tiles
  • Remove the roof battens
  • Install heavy duty heavy duty roof sarking
  • Reinstall the roof battens
  • Install the roof tiles using new tile clips.

Some people will under quote the job by not including adding roof sarking, but it’s a false economy as your already spending money to reclip the roof then you should do the job properly and install heavy duty sarking again so you dont have any problems in the future.
If you have damaged water channels those tiles will have to be replaced when you replace the roof tile clips.
Bedding and Pointing should be checked and reinstated if required when your replacing your roof tile clips.

If your not sure whats causing the leak in your roof we can have a look for you, more info here https://fixupmyroof.com.au/roof-inspections/