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Roof Screws

There’s a lot more to roof screws than you think, you need to choose the correct diameter, length, pitch and coating.

Roof Screw Replacement.

We specialise in roofing screw replacement for your colorbond roof.
We use high performance self drilling roofing screws with toughened shanks and neoprene sealing washer for a watertight seal.

Neoprene Washers

Self sealing fastener solution for fixing profiled roofing and cladding sheets and trims to timber.

Rust Protection

High grade Class 4 galvanised for long life premium corrosion protection and use in external applications and treated timbers.
Colorbond roofing screws are available to match your colorbond roof colour.

Dissimilar Metals

Its important to choose roof screws that meet the manufacturers performance requirements.
Moreover you need to choose a roofing screw that wont react with the metal roofing that your fixing to.
Contact us for advise on the correct fasteners to use on your roof type.