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WhirlyBirds: Fix Whirlybird Problems

Fix Your Noisy Whirlybird Problem

We will replace your broken whirlybird roof vents generally in 3 to 5 days.
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Whirlybird Replacement

We replace noisy, seized and leaking whirlybirds.
When whirlybirds get noisy or stop spinning its because the bearings get rusty.
For instance modern whirlybirds have stainless steel bearings and these consequently last longer.

Leaking Whirlybirds

If your rotary roof ventilator leaks its most likely because of poor installation, a lot of people try to DIY install them.
Installing a rotary roof vent whirlybird involves removing a roof tile or cutting a hole in a metal roof.
When professionally installed they do not leak so you can be confident our installers know how to do a proper job.
We seal your roof with the correct flashing kit and over seal with the appropriate amount of silicon in the correct locations.


Modern whirlybirds come with 10 to 15 years manufacturers warranty and will outlast old style whirlybirds.
Moreover we install new whirlybirds with stainless steel bearings.

How Do Whirlybirds Work

Uniquely Whirlybirds and roof ventilators work by drawing hot air out of your roof.
Furthermore installing a whirlybird also helps to remove condensation from your roof cavity.

How Many Whirlybirds Do I Need

As a matter of fact most whirlybird manufacturers suggest that you need one or two roof ventilators for every 90m2 of roof area of your home.
Without a doubt adding more whirlybirds will help to cool your home.
In addition moisture is extracted from your roof.

Whirlybird Installation

Importantly Its best to install your whirlybirds as high on the roof as possible.
Coupled with a dry pan flashing you can install your whirlybird lower on a metal roof.
In this case there are a couple of reasons to keep the whirlybirds up high.
Keep your roof vents up high to let out as much hot air and condensation out as possible.
In addition we mount the whirlybirds as high as possible is to keep them watertight.


Equally Importantly Whirlybirds are a passive way to help reduce mould in your home.
Wind Driven Whirlybirds work by drawing hot humid air out of your roof cavity.

Whirlybird Colours

Leave it to us to supply your Whirlybird, we can have Mill Finish Aluminium, Painted or Colorbond Coated.

Whirlybird FAQ

FAQ Noisy Whirlybirds
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